Several members of our team have made this move personally which puts us in a unique position to be able to share real life experience and information. We will educate you on the various decisions to be made and through consultation will design a custom program for you. We will then implement the planning that will enable you to depart Canada with almost all of your money held personally and not trapped inside a corporation like other planning clients often see. We will help you to structure your affairs in a way to protect and retain your wealth while providing you freedom to choose where to spend your time in the future. It is possible to reduce that cost of emigration to a single digit (can be as low as 7% including legal work).

Traditional planning results in taxes of 24-50% to have all funds in-hand plus the professional fees to effect such planning. We have proprietary processes that can be modified to reflect your specific fact pattern. The plans are implemented by us in conjunction with some of the largest, most reputable law firms in Canada.

We can usually transact from start to finish in less than 100 days and clients are then able to depart with as much as 93% of their wealth held personally anywhere in the world they desire to move.