We have our own team that will work with you, or we can work with your existing client advisors including: lawyers, accountants and financial advisors to design and implement a plan for your family when you have decided the time is now to make the move to another jurisdiction. We advise on the unique mix of social, legal and financial considerations and balance these matters while seeking the most cost effective way to accomplish these objectives. Sometimes it is an entire family, in other situations a single family member along with the family wealth becomes the non-resident for tax purposes to protect the wealth against the onslaught of multiple levels and layers of tax that continue to increase to fund governmental fiscal irresponsibility.

After years of hard work your family wealth is subject to layers of tax approaching levels of confiscation and increasing ideals of state repatriation of wealth on death becoming more than talking points or conjecture but reality adding another likely future point of attack. We will work with you to minimise or eliminate these risks.